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RSI Search Teams focus in the following areas:  

  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Food Manufacturing
  • General Executive Recruiting

RSI Offers Customized Search Services
All search firms offer you either one type of search service or
another, retainer or contingency on a percentage basis.  The
fact is that a single service does not apply to all circumstances.  
Companies have different needs and different circumstances.  
This is why RSI offers five search services on a percentage, flat,
or hourly rate in a customized, innovative package all designed
to meet the client's specific needs.

Retained Search
This level of service is one in which our client company requires an
intensive, focused recruiting effort.   The search is characterized by
definitive criteria that presents a challenge to recruit the candidate
and persuade them to make a change.   Usually required for
priority, hard to find upper middle management and above.  

A team of researchers is assembled to concentrate on the
search.   We work closely with the hiring authority and human
resources to identify organizations, industries and companies that
may employ such an individual.

Priority Search
Our most popular search service provides our client a high level of
attention and comprehensive coverage.  This level of service is
one in which our client company has an urgent need and has
made the opening a priority to fill.   This search also requires an
intensive, focused recruiting effort, but not to the extent of the
Retainer.  Selection of this service enables us to commit the
resources necessary to conduct a broad industry search for the
difficult to find candidate.

Contingency Search
Contingency search is our basic service.   Based on the
information you provide, your executive recruiter will search our
extensive database and identify qualified, motivated candidates.
This search works best when there is a large pool of candidates
with the skill-set you are looking for, such as a staff engineer or a
commercial lender. There is no obligation on the part of the client
company unless our candidate is hired.

Candidate Screening
Some clients are good at generating resumes and candidate flow,
but lack the expertise or the manpower to adequately separate the
qualified from the non-qualified.   By outsourcing the prescreening
and selection process to RSI, clients can save themselves time,
money and aggravation.

Search & Recruitment Consulting
As an employer, you may need additional help searching,
recruiting, prescreening candidates for hire or completing
reference checks, but may not have a need for the entire process.  
RSI will work with you on an hourly consulting rate by working the
area you need help with the most.   This will allow you to work
within your budget and still get the assistance that is essential for
your organization.
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