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    Once you find the career you are interested in pursuing, RSI will
    assist you with getting through the interviews and leaving your old
    job.  Help is right here on the RSI's website!  

    You can review the interview prep packet  to insure you are
    prepared for the interview.  After the interview you'll need to send
    a thank-you note to the hiring authorities and samples are

    Now, that you have gone through all of the interviews, sent your
    thank-you notes, and accepted your new position, you need to turn
    in the dreaded resignation with your current employer.  This is one
    of the hardest parts of taking a new job.  Sample resignation
    letters are here to assist you.

    What are you going to do if your current employer makes you a
    counter offer to stay in your current organization...?  Click here to
    see what you should do if you are Counter Offered to stay with
    your current organization.